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Pic shows: Natalya woman 21; A beauty queen winner has come under fire after she said that the way she managed to win was by refusing to eat anything for four days. Student Natalya Shuvalova, 21, was selected from among thousands as the winner of the Miss Maxim 2016 and said the secret to her success was simply eating nothing to have the perfect figure. And it clearly worked for the young woman from the city of Nizhny Novgorod in central Russia's Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, who was selected by the judges as the 'sexiest girl in Russia'. She also added that after winning the title, as soon as she got out she dashed to her local McDonald's to eat a huge Big Mac. Online critics said however that starving oneself to be beautiful was a bad example to set young women. Natalya was the eventual winner out of almost 4,000 girls who applied to take part, making it into the initial selection of 100 and from there to the top 10. Maxim editor Alexander Malenkov explained: "It was really hard to choose only a hundred girls from thousands. And after, we had to choose the 10 best!" The 11th annual Miss Maxim competition was actually open to girls from all over the world with judges under the leadership of the creator of the famous Russian TV show "Eralash", Boris Grachevsky. When Natalya was asked how she prepared for the competition, she said: "I didn’t eat for four days! Now I’ll eat a huge Big Mac!" As well as working as a model and a student, she also works part-time as a cheerleader and as a go-go dancer, saying that she does not know what she wants to do when she finishes university. She said: "I didn’t think of it yet. But for now I am enjoying being a model and I love it." Her prize is to feature on the front cover of the next issue of the magazine and her advice to anyone else hoping to be a model is: "Do not eat after 8 PM."

Natalya Shuvalova es “La Mujer más Sexy de Rusia”

29 julio 2016 Noticias

La hermosa y joven estudiante rusa de 21 años Natalya Shuvalova se acaba de coronar como “La Mujer más Sexy de Rusia”. La joven estudiante se destacó por encima de 4 mil chicas que se presentaron al concurso.
Sin embargo, la joven ganadora ha creado polémicas con sus declaraciones sobre su dieta mientras participaba en el concurso. Ella dejó de comer por 4 días seguidos.
Esto fue bastante criticado porque no le da un buen ejemplo a las chicas que participan en este tipo de concursos. Sin embargo, a pesar de sus polémicas declaraciones, la joven estudiante será la protagonista de la portada de la próxima edición de la revista Maxim Rusia.
El editor en jefe de la revista Maxim Rusia Alexander Malenkov aseguró:
“Me sorprendieron sus declaraciones y no voy a negar que estoy un poco decepcionado ante semejante confesión”. “Para nosotros ser saludable te hace una mujer bella”.
Además de trabajar como modelo y estudiar, la joven rusa se desarrolla como animadora y go-go dancer en medio tiempo, aunque aún no tiene claro sobre su futuro laboral cuando termine la universidad. SP


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